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Please email us and ask us for a quote if the item you are looking for is not listed, as we have access to a very large range of electronic or technology based items

Background of Communication and IT Supplies

Communication and IT Supplies was established in 2007, with the aim of saving individuals and businesses in Australia, both time and money and to be more effective in your Systems and IT infrastructure, while meeting your needs. I have worked in a wide range of Industries and have valuable experience, enabling us to offer good solutions for you.

We are able to provide individuals and businesses, with an unbiased Systems and IT strategy to be a solution to improve and streamline the financial, accountancy and practical aspects, of day to day trading. By achieving this you will be able to concentrate on what is important – You.

By offering an Independent Analysis of your personal or companies Systems and IT needs and through excellent service, we are able to broker competitive deals available and liaise with a wide range of suppliers directly, on your behalf, therefore taking the frustration away from you. We have access to multiple suppliers who are some of the largest in the Australian marketplace, without being restricted to use only one, which means a wide choice of stock and competitive rates for you.

We also offer a range of solutions to suit your needs, so please ask us to sit down and explain them all in simple english to you.

Communication and IT Supplies is a privately owned and operated business, which means that a completely independent and unbiased solution can be provided for our clients. Ongoing excellent Customer Service is a cornerstone that we have always prided ourselves on, as our saying goes that a Happy Client is a Loyal Client.

The way which we arrive at the best solution for your business, is through comparing your current infrastructure and equipment, to your needs as an employee, business or individual, then plan and assessing your use and needs of Systems and IT, we are able to then propose the best results for our clients.

The benefit of being independent is a major advantage to clients. You receive the assistance of having a tailored solution to meet your needs, to suit your business or self, with competitive pricing and savings available in the marketplace. We do all of this, with a personalised approach.

In summary, the key main points of conducting business with us are, that we offer:-

Completely independent advice, which is obligation free, but we would love to do business with you and get to know you regardless.
A broad range of Suppliers covering Major Brands in Australia and Worldwide.
A broad range of System and IT solutions and hardware available.
Personalised Analysis to propose the best decision for your business or self.

If you are interested in more information, or if you would like us to discuss any of these points with you, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at, or Stephen on 0413 841 203. Thankyou.